Tuesday 1 May 2012

With Great Power comes Great Skin

Are you having a skin problem? Do you need help? The Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes have landed and are ready to fight for your right to clear, healthy skin the natural way. Montagne Jeunesse face masques are your weekly essential for healthy, gorgeous skin. The new Skin Heroes range is packed with natural, beneficial ingredients to help solve & combat everyday concerns and work wonders for your complexion.
Dream teams for your skin, these Skin Heroes are the ultimate superhero double acts, complete with a
problem-solving masque plus a second stage moisturising treatment:

Problem: greasy, shine-prone skin. Skin Hero: MONTAGNE JEUNESSE SHINE CONTROL
This special mud masque has the power to deeply clean, protect, control shine and restore balance to the skin – infused with acai berries and argan oil to balance moisture and skin sebum. Follow with the sebum balancing moisturiser with light reflecting particles, rich in anti-oxidants and infused with crushed acai berries, argan oil and natural active KiOsmetine.

Problem: dry, dehydrated skin. Skin Hero: MONTAGNE JEUNESSE DRY SKIN MASQUE
This creamy soufflĂ© masque is rich in anti-oxidants and uses its super powers to protect and replenish dry skin - packed with raspberries, blueberries and red grapes. Follow with the serum to rehydrate the skin, infused with crushed blueberries, pulped raspberries and antioxidants including natural active KiOsmetine, clinically proven to smooth the skin.

Problem: Problem skin prone to eruptions. Skin Hero: MONTAGNE JEUNESSE BREAK OUT MASQUE
This mud masque infusion has the power to help flush out blocked pores as well as calm, heal and refresh the skin - infused with anti-bacterial tea tree, calming witch hazel, and soothing Canadian willow herb. Follow with the super moisturiser, with tea tree and Canadian willow herb to help continue to tackle those problem areas.

Problem: Bothersome & Blemished T-Zone. Skin Hero: MONTAGNE JEUNESSE T-ZONE PEEL OFF
This peel off masque has the strength to lift away dirt, clear impurities and target problem areas - infused with calming tea tree and soothing Canadian willow herb. Follow with the calming moisturiser with tea tree and Canadian willow herb that helps to heal.

And finally, with nose pore power, the final member of the Skin Heroes team:
Problem: blocked, clogged up pores on and around the nose. Skin Hero: MONTAGNE JEUNESSE DE-CLOG PORES
These ultra-deep cleansing nose pore strips use their super strength to draw out deep-rooted impurities for cleaner, less visible pores – infused with orange flower water with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, witch hazel, and natural clay help to cleanse, absorb excess oil and open pores.
Montagne Jeunesse – combats problem skin naturally
Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes (£1.49 RRP) are available from www.montagnejeunesse.com

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