Saturday 13 June 2015

Monoi Oil & Perfume from Yves Rocher

I was sent two products free of charge from Yves Rocher, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Monoi range of products came highly recommended to me when I was trying to decide what to review, so this is what I opted for and it didn't take long to see why they were so popular!

Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil

This is a multi purpose oil which smells absolutely gorgeous! It is rich in Monoi de Tahiti which helps protect the skin from dryness and is fantastic at enhancing and prolonging your tan. It can also be used on hair to leave it feeling soft and supple.
Firstly I decided to use it on my hair as it suffered pretty badly during the winter months and I don't really take as much care of it as I should. Now, I couldn't find any instructions for use regarding applying it to my hair so I just improvised.  first, I wet my hair then poured a a small amount of the oil into my palm and rubbed them together. I began to massage the oil into my scalp and smoothed it down the length of my hair until I felt I had covered everywhere. This didn't take much oil, mainly because I was a little worried in case my hair came out looking greasy afterwards. I have to say that this process was one of the best I've experienced, mainly due to the exotic smell of the oil - it took me to paradise! Once the oil was applied, I shampooed my hair as normal and applied a small amount of conditioner - this is a must for me as I have fine fly-away hair which can be quite unruly.
Even after a thorough clean, the smell of the oil was still really strong but this pleased me no end as it's a smell I adore and gave me an air of confidence. I dried my hair using the hairdryer then straightened it as usual and WOW, it looked so amazingly shiny and was uber soft to touch. I couldn't help but go running into my daughers' room screaming at them both to sniff and feel my hair and the feedback I got was 'when can I use it, it's lush?'.
Surprisingly for me, I still managed a full 2 days before having to wash my hair again and each time I swooshed my hair, that glorious smell of a tropical holiday came flooding back.

When used as a body oil, it was very easy to apply and spread really well. My body/legs felt well nourished, highly moisturised and had a really healthy glow which I couldn't wait to show off. Adding a few drops to bath water creates a really luxurious bath and leaves your skin soft and smelling deliciously fresh.

Monoi Eau des Vahines

This is one of the most delightful perfumes I have ever smelled and it has a really exotic feel to it like you've just been transported to a luxury Caribbean Island. You get a really decent squirt with each press and just a small amount sprayed on wrists and neck is enough to last all day. Personally I also like to give a couple of sprays above my head then stand under so it showers me. I used this in the mornings and could still smell it when I went to bed at night, it's that good! I usually find that the less a perfume costs, the quicker the smell disappears, but this really isn't the case with this. I don't usually turn heads but I noticed many noses twitching as I swooned past in the local supermarket and I have to say, I felt pretty damn good about myself! My confidence seemed to go through the roof and all because I knew I knew I smelled good. I even had a couple of women stop me and ask what it was I was wearing and when I told them, they were amazed ...especially when I relayed the price to them too!

Both of these products impressed me no end and were extremely fitting for this time of year. They are suitable for everyday use and due to the quality, a little goes a long way.

Both products are available from Yves Rocher:
Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil currently costs £5.95 for a 100ml bottle.
Monoi Eau des Vahines currently costs £13.50 for a 100ml spray.
(All prices correct at time of post)

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