Monday 29 June 2015

Chicago Town BBQ Pulled Pork Takeaway Pizza

Chicago Town  have always been one of my all time favourite 'cook at home' pizzas, so when I was lucky enough to receive a voucher entitling me to a FREE BBQ Pulled Pork pizza from their delicious Takeaway range, I quickly tottled off to find my local stockist!

I struggled to find this in the smaller supermarkets so had to venture slightly further afield - but it was definitely worth it!

The pizza itself comes with a nifty little round tray which is used to cook on - saving dishes and guaranteeing an even bake. I left it for the exact time stated and it came out spot on and looking tempting as hell  .....

As you can see, the edges have risen nicely and there's plenty of topping which you don't always get on frozen pizzas. The crust is stuffed with a bbq sauce and I have to say that I absolutely loved it!

I never fail! So keen am I to get the first bite that the inevitable happened - I burnt my tongue, lips & chin! I would say that it was a lesson well learned, but I know I'll do exactly the same next time.

Anyway, I was well impressed with the amount of topping on here and for me, there was just the right balance between the pulled pork, cheese and other ingredients. The dough was absolutely delicious and I had great fun watching it rise through the oven door while it was cooking - fascinating! My youngest daughter wasn't so keen but then she isn't too adventurous when it comes to trying new things. My oldest on the other hand was as bad as me and said that she definitely wanted me to buy these again in the future. We shared a pizza between the two of us and were pretty stuffed afterwards!

Overall I think these are simply delicious and as they are cooked with no fuss and no mess, they make meal time easy peasy. I haven't tried any of the others available in this range, but keep a lookout because it's only a matter of time ;)

Check out the Chicago Town Facebook page to stay up to date with all that's new and why not give 'em a follow on Twitter too, they're really very friendly!

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