Sunday 21 June 2015

Crece Pelo Treatment Mask from Dominican Hair Care

I received Crece Pelo Treatment Mask free of charge from Dominican Hair Care in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This mask uses extracts from 15 different plants to improve texture, strength and shine as well as encouraging hair growth. Crece Pelo means hair growth in Spanish, and it is the first ever phytotherapeutic treatment in the Caribbean.

Every woman wants great hair but sometimes that can be difficult to achieve, especially if you regularly use hair dryers, straighteners, curlers etc - like me! My hair is very fine so I often use styling products to help control the fly-away strands but this often results in my hair lacking volume and looking dull. When I read about the Crece Pelo Treatment Mask, I thought this would be the perfect remedy for my damaged hair.

The mask comes in a large tub which has plenty of room to get your hand in and is white in colour. It's not as thick as it looks but still has a good consistency and is easily applied. First, shampoo hair as normal, then when rinsed, smooth the treatment mask through hair from root to tip. I found that massaging it into my scalp worked well too. Once your hair is covered, you are recommended to leave it in for around 15 minutes before rinsing. After 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly and breathe in that gorgeous smell - it really is lovely!
Once rinsed, my hair actually felt pretty soft and my brush glided through with ease. I didn't bother using any other products but dried my hair with the hair dryer then straightened as normal...

It's a bit difficult to see from my pic due to the poor quality of my camera, but my hair had a lovely lustrous shine to it after use to the point that even my other half noticed and that's saying something! The usual problem I have with static was non-existent and my hair was definitely more manageable than normal. Above all else, it smelled absolutely gorgeous - it was the first thing I could smell when I awoke the next morning.

Overall I really loved this product and would definitely continue to purchase it in the future.

Check out the Dominican Hair Care website for more great products.

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