Friday 5 June 2015

Bling up your nails!!

Anyone who knows me, follows my blog or regularly reads my posts will know how much I absolutely love nail colour and experimenting with it ...despite not being anywhere near an expert! I recently visited the Metrocentre and couldn't help but drift into Primark where I found this fab bright pink nail polish for either 60p or 80p - an absolute bargain and in such a great colour. The nail decals shown above I spotted in Claire's Accessories. They were on one shelf marked up at £3.50 but then I spied these ones on a 'Special Offer' shelf for only £1.50 and couldn't resist.

Ignoring the rough edges, I have to say that the nail polish seriously impressed me. It has a 60 second drying time so you can apply a second coat almost immediately (it definitely needs 2 coats for a decent finish). The colour is nice and strong and has a lovely shine to it.

I only used a couple of the decals because I wanted to keep it nice and simple but they were so easy to use that it actually surprised me! Simply wait until your nail polish is dry, decide where you're wanting to place your decal, remove it from the backing sheet and stick in place. Give it a gentle rub over to make sure it's well stuck and hey presto, instant glam! I've had a few nice comments when out and about so it was definitely worth the effort - not that it took much. lol

Despite being so cheap, I've been wearing this polish for the last 4 days and it's only just beginning to chip off around the nail edge - and that's despite my overload of dish washing. One of the small diamantes fell off a decal but apart from that, they have stayed putt and lasted well.

Cheap as chips and a great way to bling up nails!

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