Monday, 29 June 2015

Bold 2in1 Pearls with Lavender and Chamomile

Being part of the savvy circle on the Supersavvyme website means that I get to try loads of new products free of charge in return for honest reviews.

The latest project was for Bold 2in1 Pearls with Lavender and Chamomile and as soon as I received my pack, it was the first thing I could smell.
I received a box containing 12 washes worth of pearls, a few samples to hand out to friends and some sheets for them to fill in, as well as some interesting insider knowledge tips.

Bold 2in1 Pearls store powerful agents in three separate compartments which are brought together during tje wash to give you:
1. A deep and purifying clean
2. The gorgeous, long-lasting scent of Lenor with the finest perfume oil and high efficiency microcapsules which release an invigorating scent each time you wear.
3. fibre agents which result in irresistible softness and long-lasting colour.

I'm never short of washing so set the machine off instantly. You simply place the little cushion .....

...directly into the drum, add your washing, set your washer, and off you go! These little gel filled pockets contain both detergent and softener so there's no need to add anything else to your wash saving both time and money.
I noticed the smell beginning to appear as the washer was in full swing and it smelled throughout the house making it a very calming environment ....ahhhhh.

Once the washer was finished, I opened the door and the smell hit me immediately. I personally love a strong smell on my washing and this didn't disappoint. I judge a detergent from start to finish of the wash, and I was slightly gutted that my washing didn't feel quite as soft as usual when wet. It smelled gorgeous but felt slightly stiff. Nonetheless, I pegged it out on the line and waited ....patiently! After a couple of hours, I ventured outside to check and again, the smell was unbelievably strong - which I loved! Now dried, my washing felt far softer and seemed to be a bit brighter in colour than normal. Above all, I was most impressed with the sheer whiteness of my whites - they were MUCH brighter than with my usual detergent and managed to remove stains that have been there for ages!

Now, although I really love strong smells, I've never been a huge fan of lavender, so after a while I did find it a little sickly and overpowering. If you like lavender then this really is for you as you can smell it on your clothes even when worn 2 weeks after washing! Despite tiring of the smell, I've personally never slept so well or felt as calm as I have since I started using them, so they're also having a positive impact on my well being!

Overall I loved the simplicity of use, the fact that no extra softener was needed and their amazing cleaning power so would definitely buy them again - only maybe try a different smell next time.

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