Friday 10 July 2015

Backlife from JD Harris

I received Backlife free of charge from JD Harris, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

Ever since the birth of my first daughter some 20 years ago, I have suffered with lower back pain. I have tried many creams, tablets, freeze and heat treatments, but none bring any lasting relief. Housework, carrying shopping and many daily activities put stress on the lower back so when I was offered the chance of trying Backlife, I couldn't wait.

Backlife uses something called Continuous Passive Motion which means it creates a gentle, repetitive circular motion of the pelvis. Sounds complicated but the idea is really simple. As you relax, it slowly releases the pressure on your vertebrae thus giving more movement in your lower spine and with continued use, also helps realign the spine.

In the box ......


Instruction Booklet

Mains Adapter 
You are recommended to lie on a thin mat (not included), and rest your head on a pillow for extra comfort - after all, the idea is to relax!

There is a height adjustment ring just below the leg support which simply twists to either heighten or lower.

Height Adjustment Ring

The ideal position is to have your pelvis slightly raised and your legs at right angles with the floor. Once you're in position, and have plugged in the adaptor, simply reach your hand down and press the 'power' button to begin .....

The Backlife moves in a gentle circular motion and you can feel a slight pull of the muscles in the lower back as they are being teased apart. The more you relax, the better the results, but it does take a little bit of getting used to. There is a slight whirring noise whilst the Backlife is in operation, but nothing too loud. There is an automatic switch off after 12 minutes as this is the recommended time for usage, although you can use it for longer if you so wish by simply re-pressing the power button, and may get faster results.
For my first use, I stuck with the 12 minutes and once it clicked off I just remained still for a couple of minutes. I very gently lowered my legs, then rolled onto my side before getting up. I could definitely feel a little more movement in my lower back although there were a few niggles too which is perfectly normal for some people when you first begin use.
I found that using Backlife twice a day for two weeks has made a significant improvement which has surprised me no end! I do still get niggles when I do anything strenuous, but there isn't as much tension and the pain is short-lived. Even if I have no pain, I still find it relaxing spending 12 minutes just lying still.

Backlife is suitable for all ages and can definitely help alleviate lower back pain giving more freedom of movement with less pain. Due to the height adjuster, it is also suitable whether you're short or tall - I'm only 5'3" and a bit (very important that 'bit') and it was just as effective for me as it was for my partner who is 5'9".

Backlife is available to purchase from JD Harris and is currently on offer for £199.00 which is a saving of £36.00 off the normal price. All prices correct at time of post.

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