Wednesday 22 July 2015

Braun Series 3 Mens Shaver

I was sent the Braun Series 3 shaver free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my partners experience.

Pack contents (excluding brush & booklet)
Apart from the items shown above, you also get a small cleaning brush for the shaver and an instruction booklet which I forgot to include in the pic ...sorry!

I have to say that upon opening, my other half was like a kid in a sweet shop! While I was diving in for the instruction booklet, he already had the charger and shaver in his hand and was looking for somewhere to plug it.

Please bear in mind that this product comes with a 2 pin plug, so you will need an adapter before you can use it. Luckily, we already had one otherwise my other half might have just had a strop!

Sleek design with easy grip handle

SensoFoil to give a more efficient, closer shave

The Braun Series 3 is specifically designed to work well on 2-day beards providing a quick and efficient way of removing hair whilst keeping skin comfortable. My partner struggled a little at first catching the hairs down towards his adams apple, but after it's first use, he mastered it and successfully managed to have a clean shave. The MicroComb technology worked well in lifting the hairs ready to shave, ensuring that no hair was missed and an all over clean shaven look was achieved. My other half found this shaver really comfortable to hold and said that it didn't drag or irritate the skin the way some others do. Overall, he was very impressed.

Now, what makes the Braun Series 3 even more unique, is that it comes with its own cleaning station saving you the hassle of having to make sure everything is tip top and ready for its next use - something my other half thought was a great idea! Apart from cleaning your shaver, this also provides lubrication so there's no need for anything extra.

Cleaning solution

Empty compartment where cleaning solution goes

Cleaning solution in cleaning station
Remove the lid from the cleaning solution tub and place it inside the bottom of the cleaning station as per pics above. Once it's in place, click the cleaning station down until it locks in place, plug in the adapter then place the shaver in the compartment at the top. Press down the button to activate then sit back in amazement and wait. Here's a short video to show the cleaning station in operation ....

Once the cleaning process is finished, simply remove the shaver from the station, make sure it's thoroughly dried and it's now ready for use. My other half did comment on the fresh 'orangey' smell coming from it during the first use after cleaning - something which really impressed him! 

Overall, my partner highly recommends this shaver for a close shave without irritation. The self cleaning makes this all the more appealing and it's excellent value for money.

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