Wednesday 8 July 2015

Acorelle Intense Cherry Eau de Toilette from My Pure

I received this product free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

Believe it or not but Summer's here and there are loads of gorgeous perfumes on the market right now. I love some of the fruity smells available so was most curious when I noticed this Intense Cherry perfume from My Pure.

I took this picture in the garden and unfortunately, it didn't come out too well ....sorry! The bottle itself isn't anything particularly special but it's a nice size and comfortable to hold. The lid has slight patterning on it and clicks on to prevent it just dropping off. The bottle has a simple spray action and a nice amount is dispersed with each squirt.
I sprayed this on my pulse points and as with all perfumes, I spray a little in the air then stand under to get a perfume shower. This works especially well if your hair has just been washed and is still wet because you then dry the perfume into your hair and every time you give it a swoosh, the smell re-awakens itself.

Although this is called Intense Cherry, I wasn't really prepared for just how cherry like it would be! It's not too overpowering but there's no mistaking that it is cherry .....and a really gorgeous one at that! The second I sprayed this, my oldest daughter was at my side waiting with her hands outstretched for a spray. I have had many compliments on this perfume and it's one of few that my other half actually liked too. My only complaint would be that the smell doesn't hang around too long. I found that I was re-applying around 3-4 times a day just to keep me smelling luscious. For this reason, I'd recommend the Eau de Parfum as I believe it would have far better staying power.

Overall, I really loved this and would certainly buy it again, despite it not lasting long. The cherry smell is extremely appealing and perfect as a Summer fragrance.

Acorelle Intense Cherry Eau de Toilette comes in a 50ml bottle and costs just £13.05 (normally £15.00) from My Pure
Prices correct at time of post.

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