Tuesday 25 August 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control

I was sent Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

New Sure Maximum Protection is an innovation when it comes to antiperspirants and claims to be 2 times stronger than the leading brand. I was sent the Stress Control variant which contains calming lavender and white flower scents to help soothe and relieve stress. It has been specially created to help the wearer prepare for anxious moments, meaning you'll be protected against the sweat and odour which is often caused by stressful and high pressure situations.

As well as the Stress Control variant, you can also get Sport Strength which has a vibrant citrusy fragrance, and is specially formulated as the ultimate preparation tool to protect against sweat and odour during exercise.

New Sure comes boxed, and has a helpful leaflet with it which gives you a little info on the antiperspirant itself, as well as directions for use.

I love the style and shape of the bottle as it makes it very easy to hold and comfortable to apply. Once the lid has been removed, you need to peel off the layer of silver foil .....

As you can see from my pic, there are plenty of holes for the antiperspirant to be dispersed through and they are also varying sizes. The antiperspirant itself is white in colour which rang a few alarm bells for me but I really needn't have worried. I'm a great lover of black and many of my t-shirts etc are black so I assumed the white may turn powdery and leave residue on my clothing. I don't mind admitting that I was dead wrong! You are advised to twist the base until you hear it click twice which releases enough Sure to give good coverage on one underarm. Simply repeat the process for the other underarm. Although this glided on really easily, it didn't feel damp or sticky in any way and turned invisible after just a few seconds. I applied directly to freshly shaved underarms and felt no niggles/pain which was a godsend. The smell is really gorgeous. It's fresh, pretty strong and very long lasting meaning you'll smell beautiful from morning till night no matter what your day entails. I put it through its paces and no matter how much I dashed around or how hot I got, my underarms remained dry and BO free - perfect!

Sure Maximum Protection is formulated with TRIsolid™ technology that boasts:
- Extra strength dryness protection. Applied at night, it works as you sleep to form a level of protection, giving you unbeatable wetness protection for the day ahead. Equally you can apply it as part of your morning routine.
- Patented fragrance technology containing odour-fighting microcapsules. the microcapsules dissolve when you sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the day.
- Skin moisturising ingredients to help protect the skin from irritation - the whole range has been endorsed by expert dermatologists.

The full range includes Stress Control, Sport Strength, Clean Scent, Confidence, Sensitive Dry and Everyday Fresh which are ......
Stronger than the leading antiperspirant*
Strong enough to protect you but mild enough to use every day
Give you confidence to enjoy those moments that matter

I would definitely recommend this antiperspirant as it does exactly what it claims and keeps you fresh, dry and full of confidence as well as smelling great!

Sure Maximum Protection is available in 45ml (RRP from £4.90**) at leading retailers nationwide.

* Against sweat. Nielson MAT unit sales w/e 01/01/15
** Price is at the sole discretion of the retailer

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