Thursday 6 August 2015

Sweetie Crush Nail Polish from Rimmel London

I'm a huge lover of nail polishes and have been loving the range of colours and textures available lately. I managed to pick up this Rimmel London Sweetie Crush nail polish in Blueberry Whizz for ony £1 at Poundland - a bargain and a half in my opinion!

I really love the design on the lid and the colour really appealed to me too. Now to try it!

I was really impressed with how well this went on and it was far less messy than some other polishes I've used. I applied 2 coats to get a decent coverage and immediately fell in love with the glittery effect.

You can just about see the sparkle here. The finish isn't a smooth one, but slightly stippled which was something new to me but I really liked it. Usually when I wear nail polish, I have to remove it after a day or two as housework and dishes don't mix well with painted nails and it often begins to chip off in no time. This however managed to go the distance and last a whole week before needing removed and I really did put it through its paces.

Overall I am highly impressed with the bottle, the polish itself, the finish and its hardiness, so will definitely be buying more! Why not pop down to your local Poundland and see what bargains you can pick up!

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