Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Madara Flower Dust Lotion - Shimmering Moisturiser

I received Madara Flower Dust Lotion - Shimmering Moisturiser free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I love my moisturisers and rely heavily on them as I get really dry skin over my body, and especially down the fronts of my legs. When I saw this on the My Pure website, I really couldn't resist the appeal of the 'shimmering'' effect.

The bottle is a contains a whopping 150ml of lotion so it's sure to last a fair while. It operates using a pump action making it very easy to dispense ....

The lotion comes out white and it's really difficult to see any sparkle so I was a little unsure as to how much of a shimmer effect it would actually have.

Slight shimmer 

I found this really easy to rub in but it didn't feel quite as smooth as my usual moisturiser and then, after a few minutes and as if by magic, the tiny sparkles began to appear on my skin.

Shimmer appearing whilst rubbing in
Fully rubbed in
A definite shimmer
I've really struggled with the pics, especially trying to show the shimmer but it is definitely there! The lotion doesn't really have a smell and absorbs nicely and quickly into the skin, whilst leaving it with a healthy glow and a mild shimmer. My skin itself felt soft and moisturised after application although when I made the mistake of applying this after shaving my legs, it did sting so I'd strongly advise to only use 24+ hours after hair removal, otherwise you'll end up creating some dance moves you didn't even know you were capable of!!

Although it didn't give me quite the moisturisation that I need, I would definitely recommend this product as it gives skin that little something extra. I personally would use it for special occasions as it looks fab on legs or over the chest and shoulders giving a really stunning glittery glow and it works especially well if you have a bit of a tan. Even faking the tan and then applying this lotion a few hours later gives a lovely effect - well worth investing in!

Madara Flower Dust Lotion _Shimmering Moisturiser is available to buy from My Pure and costs *£19 for a 150ml bottle. If you're quick, there's a special offer on at the minute whereby if you spend £30 at My Pure, you automatically get this amazing product FREE!!
*All prices correct at time of post

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