Monday, 26 October 2015

Swagga Studio In Ear Headphones from Nutz Audio

I received these headphones free of charge from Nutz Audio, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I can't even begin to say how many sets of headphones we've gone through in our house - they seem an essential part of day to day living for us! Due to this, we are always looking for some which not only give excellent quality in sound, but are hard wearing and strong enough to go the distance. When these arrived, I couldn't wait to try them out.

As you can see from my pics, these are a really gorgeous blue colour and come with spare buds to guarantee that they're suitable for everyone  ....

I connected them to my ipod whilst doing the housework and have to say that they really did impress! They blocked out all outside noise, including my exceptionally noisy neighbour, and allowed me to just drown myself in my idea of great music. I'm a huge fan of Queen and these really brought it to life for me. Even whilst moving around doing the hoovering etc, they didn't falter in the slightest. No intermittent silences, no crackling, just perfect music every time. I really can't boast enough about the sheer quality of these buds, especially compared to others I've tried. I also often have problems getting in-ear headphones to stay in place as my ears are pretty small, but these were fantastic and remained comfy for a good few hours. They are also great for use outside as they're waterproof too.

Apart from the quality of these babies, you also receive this fantastic little case to keep them all safe and sound. It's an ideal size to fit into your handbag and in my opinion, is so flippin cute too! I've bought many in-ear headphones, but they very rarely come with anything like this which is maybe why it impressed me so much! I also had no fear of the wires getting tangled whilst in the case as they are specially made to be ultra-flexible which prevents such a thing happening .....perfect! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they have a built in mic, so if you use them with your phone, there's no need to remove them to talk to whoever rings you.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these as they do exactly what they claim and for such a reasonable price, they're well worth it!

Swagga Studio In Ear Headphones are available to buy from Nutz Audio and cost just £39.99. They also come in a range of colours so you're guaranteed to find exactly what you want.

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