Wednesday 16 February 2011

Sassys Self Therapy week 3

Well hello again....hope I haven't bored you all to death with these updates so far and thanks for sticking around!

Week 3 is here already and it has to be one of my worst. Money worries are still getting to me, although i'm trying to sort through everything 1 at a time. The feelings I have towards myself this week aren't good though. My mistake is that flippin mirror....why do I insist on glancing in it before I go out??? I'm feeling so run down at the minute, my skin has taken a turn for the worse. I have blotches which I can't cover, an outbreak of spots (thought i'd passed those once I left my teens!) and my skin is extremely dry. All this is giving me a major complex, THEN my other half mentions that I have bags under my eyes....for crying out loud, is there any part of my face that's passable!! lol
I'm trying so hard to crack a smile here, i'm just scared in case my face cracks a little more and these wrinkles outgrow my face!
Advice welcome here please......I used John Frieda Foam hair dye on my hair and it went really dark with a lovely red tint (i'm naturally light brown), problem is, I can't afford hairdressers and my roots are terrible. To top it off, I no longer like the red in my hair. Does anyone know of a hair dye which I can use over this one to get rid of the red but that won't turn my hair green or anything? Just thought i'd throw that in as my hair is really getting on my wick at the minute too so any help is most appreciated!
Well, I managed a half smile while writing this.....wonder if that means it's working. Thanks again for reading and any comments are welcome (especially if you can help with my hair prob!).

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